Banana Protein Cookie Dough

Vähäkalorinen banaanikeksitaikina; Low-calorie banana cookie dough

[vegan, grain-free, gluten-free, palm oil-free, soy-free, no added sugar]

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Cookie dough is hands down my favorite dessert. Its place as such is yet to be threatened. I love eating it slowly, taking one spoonful at a time and trying to make it last as long as possible. It’s too bad that traditional cookie dough made from brown sugar and wheat has such a high calorie content. It’s not really something to have every day. That’s why I’m incessantly planning and creating cookie dough recipes with more more protein, less sugar, but an equally yummy taste. This banana protein cookie dough is one of my latest creations and a fascinating addition to the recipe collection!

The Very Versatile Banana

Banana is such a superfood! It’s energy-rich and keeps you going. It contains plenty of potassium, magnesium, and iron, and more protein than many other fruits. It’s ideal for anyone with a sensitive stomach. It helps with symptoms of constipation, heartburn, anemia, PMS, and even depression.

Banana is a very versatile ingredient. It’s handy to take with you as a snack, excellent in smoothies, and deliciously nutritious in a breakfast sandwich. When you freeze it for a couple of hours, it makes for absolutely amazing home-made nice cream.

Proteiinipitoinen banaanikeksitaikina; Banana protein cookie dough

Mashed banana is amazing in all kinds of baking. In these past few months of the coronavirus pandemic, it seems that everybody has been baking banana bread. It has made quite the comeback. All around the world, people have been bonding over images of loafs and slices of sticky, soft, and sugary sweet banana bread. Of course I, too, had to join in on the fun. I posted a picture of my banana bread on my Instagram in early May.

When it comes to cookie dough, mashed banana is a pretty nifty ingredient. It’s got that natural sweetness that doesn’t call for much additional sweetening. It’s sticky and solid enough to give the dough firmness and a nice texture. As an ingredient, banana has several useful properties that are similar to those of flour, plant-based drinks, and sweeteners.

This Is What You Need to Make Banana Protein Cookie Dough

Banana (surprise!) – You get the softest and most even end result, when you use an overripe, slightly browned banana.

Pea protein powder (or vegan protein powder of choice) – Foodin’s pea protein powder are my favorite ones to use, because they contain very little carbohydrates and no sugars at all. By adding them to your baked goods, you get just the benefits of the protein, nothing unnecessary. The unflavored or vanilla powder works best here. Lately, I’ve also discovered the brand Women’s Best and their vegan protein powder. I’m telling you, their flavors are next level! So yummy. Cookies and cream is my definite favorite.

Proteiinipitoinen banaanikeksitaikina; Banana protein cookie dough

Coconut flour – To get just the right kind of texture for your banana protein cookie dough, it’s a good idea to use coconut flour. Its taste is mild, soft, and not overly coconutty. It binds a lot of moisture and holds the dough together. In this recipe, quite a small amount of coconut flour is enough. The only thing that’s perhaps not so great about coconut flour is the saturated that it contains. If you’d like, substitute almond or oat flour for the coconut flour. It’s likely, though, that you need to use at least double the amount, if not more, to reach the same consistency.

Sugar-free pancake syrup (or maple syrup) – My number one sugar-free syrup is the pancake syrup from Walden Farms. It’s guilt-free, delicious, and, unlike many other low-carb alternatives, doesn’t have a weird texture or side taste. If adding some carbs to your cookie dough isn’t a problem, you can use regular maple syrup or agave syrup in place of the sugar-free syrup. It’s even a pretty good alternative skip the additional sweetener altogether and rely entirely on the sweetness of banana!

Proteiinipitoinen banaanikeksitaikina; Banana protein cookie dough

Unsweetened almond drink – My absolute favorite is Alpro’s roasted unsweetened almond drink. There’s only 13 calories per 100 ml, and still decent amounts of vitamins B and D, as well as calcium, fiber, and protein.

Cacao nibs (or dark chocolate chips) – I made the banana protein cookie dough pictures here with organic untreated cacao nibs I ordered from KoRo. I enjoy the natural, chocolatey taste of cacao nibs. They’re also nice and crunchy, and as such, fun to eat. If you want to make your cookie dough slightly sweeter, you can substitute vegan dark chocolate chips for the cacao nibs. Mini chocolate chips work best here, I think. The nutrition information for this recipe, however, has been calculated with cacao nibs.

Going More Bananas

I can honestly say that banana protein cookie dough is quickly becoming another one of my doughy favorites. It might not be quite as sweet as my chocolate chip cookie dough, but I really like the thick and somewhat squishy consistency. The taste and feel of banana is clearly there.

The only con, if there ever is such a thing with cookie dough, is that the banana protein cookie dough doesn’t store too well. It’s best eaten the same day, or the following day at the latest. It’s meant to be consumed right after it’s made.

Banaanitaikinaa pienessä astiassa; Banana dough in a small bowl

Banana is great for so much more. My favorite breakfast sandwich is wholewheat bread with home-made peanut butter, sliced banana, and sunflower seeds. You can most definitely expect to see more banana recipes on here. Until then, go bananas with this one:

Healthy Banana and Carrot Muffins – These deliciously guilt-free muffins are great for breakfast, afternoon snack, or a late-night bite!

Banaanikeksitaikina; Banana cookie dough

Banana Cookie Dough

A healthier cookie dough recipe with plenty of protein, fiber, and the smooth sweetness of banana!
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Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: American, Keto, Vegan
Keyword: almond drink, banana, cacao nibs, chocolate chips, coconut flour, cookie dough, dark chocolate, dessert, easy recipe, easy vegan dessert, easy vegan recipe, gluten-free, lactose-free, maple syrup, mashed banana, non-dairy, palm oil-free, palmuöljytön, pancake syrup, pea protein, proteiinijauhe, protein powder, refined sugar-free, snack, sugar-free, sugar-free syrup, terveellinen keksitaikina, vegan, vegan chocolate chips, vegan dessert recipe, vegan desserts
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 4
Calories: 96kcal
Author: Susanna Rönn


  • 1 overripe banana
  • ½ dl pea protein powder unflavored or vanilla
  • ½ dl coconut flour
  • ½ dl sugar-free pancake syrup or maple syrup for less low-carb
  • ½ dl unsweetened almond drink
  • 2 tbsp cacao nibs or dark chocolate chips


  • In a small bowl, mash the banana with a fork. Add the protein powder, coconut flour, and sweetener and mix to combine.
  • Add the almond drink and mix well. Fold in the cacao nibs or dark chocolate chips.
  • Scoop into four even balls and place in a small dessert bowl or ramekin. All done! This cookie dough is meant to be eaten the same day and doesn't store very well, no more than two days in the refrigerator.


Serving: 50g | Calories: 96kcal | Carbohydrates: 9g | Protein: 11g | Fat: 2g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 165mg | Potassium: 106mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 4g | Vitamin A: 19IU | Vitamin C: 3mg | Calcium: 23mg | Iron: 2mg
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Super Easy Walnut Butter Cookie Dough

Superhelppo saksanpähkinävoikeksitaikina

[vegan, keto, gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free, palm oil-free]

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I go through periods of time, when I just need (need!) a jarful of cookie dough every night. Hey, I don’t call myself The Cookie Dough Vegan for nothing! And since you’re reading this, you’re likely no stranger to those sweet cravings. This time around, however, I wanted to make something low-carb, ketogenic even. As a result, I came up with this super easy walnut butter cookie dough. Edible cookie dough was also a perfect way to try the premium vanilla extract and sugar-free chocolate chips that I had ordered all the way from the U.S.

Superhelppo saksanpähkinävoikeksitaikina; Super easy walnut butter cookie dough

Vanilla, Chocolate Chips & a Letter from Finnish Customs

It had been several weeks since I had placed an order for vanilla extract and chocolate chips with iHerb. It’s one of my favorite online stores to get natural health and baking products. I visit their site regularly to see what they have in stock. It’s pretty much impossible to get vanilla extract at Finnish grocery stores. They usually only carry those artificial vanilla aromas that make my baked goods smell and taste like alcohol. That’s not exactly desirable. So, it goes without saying that I had wanted to buy the real thing for quite some time. In addition to vanilla extract, I was looking to buy some sugar-free vegan chocolate chips, which seem non-existent in my country.

I placed an order, paid with Visa, and was left impatiently waiting to receive my goodie package. I found myself thinking how I ended up paying next to nothing. Because of a campaign the company was running, I didn’t even have to pay for shipping. Needless to say, when I received an e-mail on that same day that my order had already been dispatched, I was thanking my lucky stars!

Superhelppo saksanpähkinävoikeksitaikina; supereasy walnut butter cookie dough

The joy was short-lived. In two weeks, I received an old-fashioned, dryly formulated letter from Finnish Customs. It had been sent to me to inform me that I was to pay import duties for the goods that I had ordered. I wasn’t too happy about it. No, I was pretty mad. Mad at myself because I hadn’t thought to check how much I could order for without having to pay duties.

After exchanging a number of e-mails and filling out overly detailed forms, I ended up paying more in import duties than what my vanilla bottles and chocolate baggies had cost. Even though my order had been swiftly processed and delivered, Finnish Customs proved much less swift in their operations…

Precious Ingredients Make for Super Easy Walnut Butter Cookie Dough

When I had finally received my order, the goods spent a week or two on display on our bookshelf. The Madagascar vanilla from Simply Organic and dark chocolate chips from ChocZero simply felt to precious to be used for anything. At least, what I’d make from them would have to be worth it.

Then I came up with this super easy walnut butter cookie dough recipe! It’s like it was made for those precious ingredients for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s a ketogenic recipe, so using sugar-free chocolate chips is more than appropriate. Secondly, it’s unbelievably delicious! It’s irresistibly ooey-gooey, intensely nutty, and abundantly rich. It’s addictive. And thirdly, it’s easy – super easy – to make!

Keksitaikinaa purkissa ylhäältä päin kuvattuna; cookie dough stuffed in a glass jar

Super Easy Walnut Butter Cookie Dough of Unconventional Ingredients

If I’m stretching it with chocolate chips and vanilla extract ordered from the U.S., the list of unconventional ingredients used in my super easy walnut butter cookie dough doesn’t end there. You’ll need also:

Premium, all-natural walnut butter (duh!). While there are great and affordable alternatives to buy at grocery stores or online, I love making nut butters at home. In fact, it’s one of my favorite pastimes. I have a Vitamix, which makes it pretty effortless for me. I usually make walnut butter from organic walnuts that I order from FitnessFirst, a large Finnish online seller of high-quality superfoods, supplements, and cosmetics.

Using walnuts in this recipe makes it taste wonderfully and strongly nutty, but it’s not an absolute must. Feel free to substitute your favorite nut butter – or whatever you happen to have at hand, for the walnut butter. Just make sure it’s all-natural, especially if you want to keep your carb intake in check. Also, pay attention to the thickness of your nut butter. The thicker it is, the less flour you’ll likely need. Walnut butter tends to be quite liquid, so substituting it with peanut butter, for example, means that you’ll probably need less flour.

Erythritol, which is a calorie-free sugar alcohol. It has a taste that is very similar to sugar, but it won’t raise your blood sugar levels at all. If you’re not doing keto, you can always use cane or coconut sugar instead. Just remember that if using sugar, a little less is enough to achieve the same sweetness.

Saksanpähkinävoikeksitaikinaa lusikassa; Spoonful of walnut butter cookie dough

Almond flour. To make this recipe grain-free, I’m using almond flour. It has a round, smooth, and slightly sweet taste that’s perfect for any cookie butter. I like Risenta’s almond flour, which is made from blanched almonds. It’s finely ground and so ideal for baking. The only problem with almond flour, as well as the other ingredients used in this recipe, is that is quite pricey. If you aren’t avoiding eating grains and want to spend slightly less money, substitute gluten-free oat flour for the almond flour. In that case, think about adding the flour gradually so you won’t end up with chalky cookie dough.

Gimme Some Mo’ Vegan Cookie Dough!

I’m in love – with cookie dough, that is! I happen to think that my super easy walnut butter cookie dough is right up there on my list of favorite cookie doughs.

I previously posted about my signature Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Yes, I know, it’s not sugar-free, calorie-free, or conventionally healthy. I also know it’s unbelievably and irresistibly scrumptious!

You’ll find other yummy cookie dough recipes here on my blog in Finnish. I’m currently hard at work translating them to English. And of course, I’m also working on many new, exciting cookie dough recipes. So, be sure to check back to see what I’ve come up with!

I’m also very active on Instagram. Whenever I find a recipe that I particularly enjoy, I post a picture and a few, carefully-chosen sentences about it. Follow me on Instagram, comment on my posts, and share your experiences with my recipes. See you there!

Saksanpähkinävoikeksitaikina; Walnut butter cookie dough

Walnut Butter Cookie Dough

Nut butters are ideal for gluten-free, low-carb cookie dough. Walnut butter cookie dough is made from few ingredients with very little effort, and it's sweet and rich smoothness won't let you down!
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Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American, Keto, Vegan
Keyword: almond flour, american, chocolate, chocolate chips, cookie dough, dark chocolate, dessert, easy recipe, easy vegan dessert, erythritol, gluten-free, grain-free, healthy, keto, ketogenic, lactose-free, low-carb, non-dairy, palm oil-free, refined sugar-free, sea salt, snack, sugar-free, vanilla extract, vegan cookie dough, vegan dessert recipe, vegan desserts, walnut butter, walnuts, wheat-free
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 4
Calories: 194kcal
Author: Susanna Rönn


  • cup walnut butter or preferred other nut butter; adjust amount according to thickness
  • cup erythritol or ¼ cup sugar, if not low-carb or keto
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • ¼ tsp sea salt
  • ¼ cup almond flour or gluten-free oat flour
  • ½ tbsp water only if needed
  • 2 tbsp sugar-free or regular dark chocolate chips optional; sub with crushed walnuts or almonds


  • Add walnut butter, erythritol, vanilla extract, and sea salt in a small bowl and mix until thoroughly combined.
  • Add almond flour and combine. Adjust the amount of flour according to the thickness of your nut butter. Add water only if the dough is too crumbly.
  • Fold in the dark chocolate chips or alternative add-ins, if using. Scoop into small bowls or jars and dig in! Store leftover dough (if there is such a thing) in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.


Serving: 50g | Calories: 194kcal | Carbohydrates: 7g | Protein: 7g | Fat: 17g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 26mg | Potassium: 150mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 1g | Calcium: 96mg | Iron: 1mg
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